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Canteen closed after 68 fall ill

BALING: The Kedah Health Depart-ment ordered the temporary closure of the Maktab Rendah Sains Mara canteen after 68 students were taken ill with suspected food poisoning.

The Form Two to Form Five students, aged between 14 and 17, were taken to the Baling District Hospital after having their evening meal at the school canteen.

State Health Department Director Datuk Dr Norhizan Ismail said 23 students were warded while the rest received outpatient treatment.

“The students ate at the canteen between 6pm and 9pm on Sunday and started showing symptoms of food poisoning at 3am (Monday).

“Health officers in Baling have collected food samples.

“The canteen was ordered to be closed temporarily under the Infectious Diseases Control Act 1988,” Dr Norhizan said in a statement yesterday.

Form One student Muhammad Aliff Md Fadel, 13, said he had to rush to the toilet at least 15 times before he was sent to hospital at about 10pm on Monday.

It is believed the students were taken to hospital in batches.-thestar

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