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‘Civil servants play key role in weeding out corruption’

MALACCA: Civil servants should play the role of being their own eyes and ears to prevent any misconduct and corrupt practice at work.

Public Service Department (PSD) director-general Tan Sri Mohamad Zabidi Zainal said civil servants should be more forthcoming when it came to reporting on such cases to their superiors.

“We have issued circulars to remind civil servants against acts of misconduct.

“We also have stationed Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) officers and set up integrity units in departments.

“We rely on tip-offs from our officers to gather information about such incidences to weed out corruption,” he said at the Public Service Innovation ceremony at the Malacca International Trade Centre here yesterday.

Present were State Secretary Datuk Naim Abu Bakar and Public Works and Public Utilities Committee chairman Datuk Abdul Ghafaar Atan.

Zabidi said with the civil servants being the eyes and ears of the offices they were in, corrupt practices could be eradicated.

He said the misconception that civil servants were generally corrupted needed to be rectified, as only 1.61 million civil servants in the country had been found guilty of corruption and misconduct.

“While those involved in acts of misconduct represent only a small percentage of the civil servants, others are doing their job and upholding the government policies.”

He said the figure was justified, dismissing suggestions that the number was too high.

He added that although the biometric Punctuality Cascading Reporting System (PCRS) implemented in Malacca had been proven to be effective in curbing disciplinary problems among civil servants, such as tardiness, the system would not be implemented in other states yet as it involved high costs.-nst

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