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Malaysia condemns attack on Saudi Arabia by Yemen rebels

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia has condemned the attacks on Saudi Arabia by Houthi rebels from Yemen, calling it a flagrant violation of the sovereignty of the kingdom.

Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman said the attacks constitute a threat to regional and global peace and security, stressing that Malaysia stands firm with Saudi Arabia in this regard.

He said this in his statement at the Council of Foreign Ministers’ Emergency Meeting organised by the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Makkah.

The latest attack saw the Houthis launching a ballistic missile towards Makkah city on Oct 27.

It was intercepted and destroyed by the Saudi ground forces. A similar attack was carried out by the same ground on a Saudi airbase in Taif on Oct 9.

“Although there were no reported casualties from these attacks, they have sparked outrage among Muslim communities across the world.”

“Malaysia condemns the attacks in the strongest terms and hopes that the perpetrators will be brought to justice.

“Makkah is the holiest and most sacred place for all Muslims. The acts of aggression are clearly an utter disrespect of the sanctity of the holy site. It is deplorable and contrary to Islamic teachings and principles.”

Earlier on July 5, an explosion erupted near the Nabawi Mosque in Madinah, the second holiest city for the Muslim ummah, causing the death of four security officers and injured five others.

“We must remain united and not allow such attacks on Islam’s holy sites to ever happen again,” he stressed.

Anifah said OIC member states need to focus on the ties that binds them instead of allowing their differences divide and disunite them.

It calls for a focus on long term interest of the Ummah and finding ways to work together to forge unity and solidarity, he said.

“We can achieve this by promoting a culture of moderation, which espouses tolerance, respect and understanding amongst us in order to build a peaceful, secure and equitable world,” he added.

Among those who attended the meeting were OIC Council chair of Foreign Ministers, the Uzbekistan Deputy Foreign Minister Gayrat Fazilov, Saudi Arabia Foreign Minister Nizar Obaid Madani and Acting OIC secretary general Abdullah Abdurrahman Alim. -nst

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