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MCA Wanita finds inspiration in Trump’s Presidential election win

KUALA LUMPUR: Donald Trump’s stunning victory in the recently-concluded US presidential election is proof that politicians should not take lightly the voters’ role in deciding the fate of the country’s leadership, said MCA Wanita chief Datuk Heng Seai Kie.

Speaking during her address at Wanita MCA’s 41st Annual General Meeting today, Heng said a strong leader could only win the people’s support by displaying exemplary leadership qualities.

“Therefore, Wanita MCA fully supports the Barisan Nasional (BN) leadership for the coming 14th General Election. We hope that BN will wrest back all the seats it lost in the 13th General Election,” she said to a standing ovation at Dewan San Choon at Wisma MCA here.

“Let’s make MCA great again. Let’s make Wanita MCA great again,” she said in an apparent reference to Trump’s election slogan, “Make America great again”.

On Wednesday, Trump, a real estate mogul, defied most pre-election forecasts by edging out Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, the political veteran who was considered the clear favourite to take over the White House.

In the last general election in 2013, MCA suffered its worst defeat ever, winning only seven of the 37 parliamentary seats and 11 of the 90 state seats it contested.

MCA’s poor performance in the last two general elections, coupled with continued fractious infighting, had raised concerns over the party’s relevance in the Malaysian political arena.

Heng said despite the recent setbacks, MCA continues to fight for the interests of not only the Chinese community, but all Malaysians regardless of race and religion.

She added that MCA is unshakeable in its stance against Pas’ hudud-linked private member’s bill, the planned street rally organised by Bersih 2.0, as well the counter-rally proposed by the Red Shirts movement.

-New Straits Times

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