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Report: Malaysian detainee at Guantanamo may be repatriated home

PETALING JAYA: One of two Malaysians being held at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp may be repatriated home to continue his incarceration as part of a deal being negotiated between the US and Malaysia.

According to the New York Times, the talks between the two countries centred on Mohd Farik Amin (pix) who, along with fellow Malaysian Mohamad Bashir Lap, were involved in the Jemaah Islamiyah militant group in early 2000.

Mohd Farik was accused of helping Indonesian terrorist Riduan Isamuddin, also known as Hambali, evade arrest following the 2002 Bali bombings as well as transferring funds later used to help finance the 2003 Marriot Hotel bombing in Jakarta.

Both these attacks were alleged to have been masterminded by Hambali.

It was reported that the prospective deal could see the two Malaysians and Hambali being prosecuted.

The plan was for Mohd Farik to plead guilty to terrorism offences to an American military commission and agree to testify against Mohamad Bashir and Hambali.

After another four years in US custody, he would be repatriated to Malaysia and serve the remainder of his sentence.

Both Mohd Farik and Mohamad Bashir have been held at Guantanamo Bay detention camp since 2006.-thestar

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