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Artiste Noraniza laments young singers’ lack of interest in traditional music

IT is hard to find a successor in the traditional music scene, says singer Noraniza Idris (pic).

After being in the music industry for 30 years and passionately fighting for ethnic music, 48-year-old Noraniza said most young singers leaned towards popular and modern music, reported Harian Metro.

“Some people have asked me why I haven’t found a successor, but the truth is, it isn’t as easy as it seems. There are definitely young talents that who can sing ethnic music but they are too impressed by other cultures and they want to rise to the top fast,” she said.

Next year, Noraniza will be working with a local TV station to produce a special programme focusing on traditional Malay music.

“I’d have to gauge the audience’s interest first before deciding to continue with it or not.

“When people hear about zapin (a traditional dance), they immediately think it’s boring but when audience members come to a zapin show, they have fun,” she said.

> A Syrian couple’s parasailing adventure turned into a nightmare when they got stuck on top of a 20m silo tank in Pantai Tengah, Langkawi.

Reports from Harian Metro stated that the incident happened at 5.15pm on Thursday and the couple, in their 30s, were saved by the Langkawi Fire and Rescue Department.

Commander of the search and rescue operation, Fire Superintendent Mohd Fadzlullah Mohd Noor, said his department received an emergency call at 5.19pm.

He said 11 firefighters, a fire engine and an emergency medical rescue services (EMRS) vehicle were sent to the scene.

“When our fire engine team arrived, the victims were stuck at the top of a 20m silo tank. Our firefighters brought the two victims down using a hydraulic lift,” he said.

> A mother had to pawn her wedding ring to buy milk for her kids, reported Sinar Harian.

“Luckily, I had my wedding ring to pawn for RM80,” said the mother of two, Marsila Balkis Abdullah.

The 24-year-old woman and her husband Suhaimi Sahbudin, 36, have been living in a storeroom with their children in Kampung Pak Khalib Pekan Nanas in Johor for three years out of kindness of their relatives.

“Even though it is a storeroom for fertiliser, it is our home. If not, we would probably be living under a bridge,” she added.

Marsila said they were kicked out from the house they rented in Pasir Gudang after not being able to pay the rent.

She added that aid from the Welfare Department and Baitulmal was being processed after a district officer came to visit her family.-thestar

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