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Johor bus crash: Indian national who died was a generous man

MUAR: The Indian national who died in the fatal Pagoh bus accident on Saturday was described as a generous person.

The victim, identified as Abdullah Hadi Yusof, 47, a jewellery businessman, was among the 30 people in a bus that veered off KM137.2 of the North-South expressway near Pagoh here and plunged into a 10m ravine near Kampung Jayo, Jalan Kangkar-Senangah.

His friend, Shabudeen Abdul Ghaffar said they knew about the incident through social media where one of the pictures published resembled the victim before they verified it with the authorities.

“Following the news on social media, we immediately called Abdullah Hadi’s business partner in Kuala Lumpur where he also confirmed the horrific news.

“We have known Abdullah Hadi for the past three years as he has been actively joining our Indian community activities, praying at the mosque as well as generously contributing in any form since then,” he said when met at the Sultanah Fatimah Hospital forensic department on Sunday.

He said Abdullah Hadi has a wife with two children in Tamil Nadu, India adding that the last time he went back to India was in February this year.

Abdullah Hadi was last seen on Friday when he went to pray at the mosque as well as to meet members of the Indian community in Johor Baru.

The bus was heading towards Kuala Lumpur from Johor Baru when the crash took place at around 3.45am on Christmas eve. The accident killed 14 and injured 16 people including the bus driver.-thestar

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