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Perak police urge businesses to install CCTVs for added security measure

IPOH: Close cooperation between police and the community, especially in sharing information, has helped reduced the crime index in Perak. Perak Crime Prevention and Community Safety Department chief Senior Assistant Commissioner T.

Selven said state crime index reduced by 6.6 per cent from 5,792 cases between January and Dec 7 last year to 5,410 cases within the same period this year.

“I also suggest that all business premises to install suitable CCTVs in their premises,” he said after signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on a crime prevention project called “Safecam” between the force and Watsons Personal Care Store Sdn Bhd, today.

The partnership is an initiative under the National Key Result Areas (NKRA) to fight crimes and reduce the crime rates by installing CCTVs to be monitored by Watsons outlets and the police.

Selven said the company should keep the recordings of the CCTVs and when crime arises, the police will use the recordings as exhibits to help in investigations.

“We don’t want the businesses to just focus their CCTV for their premises. The cameras should also be directed to the surroundings to ensure the safety of the visitors and public nearby,” he said.

Besides the CCTV, the outlets will also be provided with posters of hotline numbers of the nearest police stations.

He said criminals might think twice about committing crimes after seeing the cameras that will be operating 24-hours.

“This is to also eliminate fear of crime among the public when they leave their houses,” he said.-nst

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