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Commuters urged to use cashless payment when free MRT rides cease on Tuesday

PETALING JAYA: Commuters on the recently-opened MRT Sungai Buloh-Kajang line have been urged to use cashless modes of payment once the one month of free rides ceases on Monday.

“With the expiry of the promotional free ride, commuters will be charged accordingly when taking the MRT Sungai Buloh-Kajang Line.

“Commuters are strongly recommended to use cashless modes of payment for speed and convenience beginning Tuesday,” Rapid Rail said in a statement on Sunday.

“Only tokens and Touch ‘n Go cards can be used to enter the ticketing gates,” it said.

It also said that commuters could purchase the travel tokens from ticket vending machines found at all stations along the line.

“For cashless mode, passengers can purchase the regular Touch ‘n Go cards, the MRT Monthly Cards or the MRT Weekly Cards from customer service offices at the stations,” it said.

However, Rapid Rail said its MyRapid cards could only be uses after the opening of the Phase 2 line between Semantan and Kajang in July.

“Fares are priced between RM1.20 to RM3.90 depending on the distance travelled under the cash fare structure during Phase 1 of the MRT operations,” it said, adding the maximum fare for cashless payment was only RM3.40.

Additionally, it said that half-priced concession tokens were available for students, senior citizens and those with disabilities at each station.

Rapid Rail added that the RM1 fare for MRT feeder bus services would be also be imposed from Tuesday.

Concessions are also available to those eligible upon presentation of their student cards (if not in uniform), NRIC, or OKU cards when boarding the bus.

Full details of the fare structure can be found at www.myrapid.com.my.-thestar

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