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Kedah Pas livid over PKR head’s statement, warns party “not to be arrogant”

ALOR STAR: Kedah Pas deputy commissioner Datuk Dr Mohd Hayati Othman has described the state PKR chairman’s recent statement that Pas will face challenges in the 14th general election as a “political provocation” that may threaten the two parties’ “tahalluf siyasi” (political power-sharing according to the Islamic perspective).

In a statement published in Pas’ official website on Tuesday, Mohd Hayati also questioned state PKR chairman Dr Azman Ismail’s agenda, and wondered whether Azman is implying that the state PKR wishes to end the tahalluf siyasi they have built over the years.

“The statement made by the Kedah PKR chairman that ‘Pas will suffer’ in the 14th general election is a political provocation that could threaten the tahalluf siyasi between the state Pas and PKR.

“Or does the statement imply that PKR Kedah wants to declare an end to the tahalluf siyasi which has been built? Or is the statement only meant to startle Pas, so that we would agree to any decision made by Pakatan Harapan, even if it has nothing to do with Pas?

“It seems like a joke that PKR is so confident of putting Pas aside, simply based on their ‘self-indulgent’ forecasts, and not through an objective study of the landscape,” he said.

Mohd Hayati also said that he is surprised by the statement, and warned PKR that Pas will be more cautious in taking a stand on issues and are watching their actions.

“Kedah PKR is advised not to be arrogant, because Pas’ machinery, which has been contributing energy and money all this while, is watching them.

“I was surprised by the attitude of PKR in making such a statement. It seems that they are growing too big for their britches. In this case, Pas Kedah is in no hurry to take any stand, but we are wary of the recent attitude taken by PKR,” he said.

It was reported in an online news portal that Dr Azman had expressed confidence that PKR will have no problem facing a three-corner match in the next general election.

Dr Azman was also quoted as saying that Pakatan Harapan has advantages, while Pas and Umno will suffer.

He said this is due to internal problems faced by Kedah Umno since the establishment of Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM), while Kedah Pas is no longer as strong as before.

-New Straits Times

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