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RTD staff hacked to death in Pontian

JOHOR BARU: A Road Transport Department (RTD) staff was hacked to death in the vicinity of some bushes in front of his rented house in Pontian this afternoon.

Jaiman Sapar, 53, was believed to have been attacked by a group of men armed with machetes at the house in Kampung Parit Pak Intan, Parit Sikom.

The RTD Pontian branch staff sustained multiple slash and stab wounds in the neck, shoulder and abdomen in the noon incident.

Pontian police chief Supt Zakaria Abdul Rahman said in his dying moments, Jaiman managed to contact his sister, Siti Pujinah whom he had earlier visited, to inform her of the attack.

He said Siti Pujinah, 51, found the RTD staff in a pool of blood in the bushes, adding that the public alerted the police of the attack at 12.38pm.

“We believe the victim was hacked by several people armed with machetes. Initial investigations revealed the house was broken into while Jaiman was away.

“There are traces in the rear door of the house that it was prised open. The victim’s LCD television was missing,” he said when contacted here.

Zakaria said the incident occurred after the victim had just returned from his sister’s house, located about three kilometres away. The body was sent to the Pontian Hospital.


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