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Seeing double, triple: Triplets, twins dazzle Kuantan students on first school day

KUANTAN: A set of triplets and two pairs of twins made heads turn today as they enrolled as Year One pupils for the new school term at SK Sultan Abdullah here.

Ahmad Adam Hiqadiyah Anbiya Asim and Ahmad Addin Nubuwah Anbiya, along with their sister, Ainul Maria Ruya Shadiqah, stole the attention of other parents who accompanied their children at school.

In spite of being minor ‘stars’ the trio remained shy and only smiled.

Identical twins Nur Damia Amanira Abdullah Zainal and Nur Damia Amani sat next to each other in class, and they were seen happily sharing stories and busily completing some chores given by the class teacher.

Amanira said they were happy to make new friends and they knew some of their classmates from pre-school days.

Another set of twins were Ahmad Afif Ramadhan Ahmad Fadzli and Ahmad Afif Mubarahi, who excitedly obliged when admirers asked if their pictures could be taken.

Headmaster Ahmat Bakar said the school has certainly made history with two pairs of twins and a set of triplets enrolling this year.

He said there were a total of 106 pupils enrolled in Year One and they will spend the next three weeks in special orientation sessions.

State Education director Datuk Rosdi Ismail said a total of 23,400 Year One pupils registered in primary schools in Pahang today.

-New Straits Times

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