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JB accident horror: Teen cyclists were part of ‘joyride group’

JOHOR BARU: Eight teenagers are dead, two in critical condition and six others are injured as a result of a horrific accident at the Middle Ring Road, Johor Baru this morning.

Earlier reports had indicated that the group of cyclists, who were rammed by a car at 3am, were children.

Johor Baru Selatan (JBS) District Police Chief Assistant Commission Sulaiman Salleh said the teenage cyclists were aged between 13 to 17.

He said the teens were part of a large group of 30 to 40 who came from areas such as Plentong and Skudai to ride their modified bicycles.

Sulaiman said this year alone, JBS police conducted five operations on similar cycling groups which ride at night. Police have so far seized 17 bicycles this year alone.

“Just like in previous cases, the cyclists will flee when we approach them in the operation. In this morning’s case, we picked up about 20 modified bicycles and wrecked modified bicycles from the scene of the accident,” he said.

He said the accident occurred along a hilly road. He said the 22-year-old female driver of the Nissan Almera which rammed the group has been detained for questioning.

“Initial checks showed that she was not under the influence of any substance.

She is being detained at the JBS traffic unit for questioning,” he said, adding that the woman was alone in the car during the incident.-nst

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