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Chinook helicopter off Penang Bridge sparks social media frenzy

GEORGE TOWN: The presence of a Chinook helicopter, a mainstay of the United States military operations since the Vietnam era, off the Penang Bridge since Tuesday, has drawn massive interest among the locals.

Netizens have taken to Facebook to upload photos of the low-flying helicopter off Pulau Gazumbo, a tiny island with a sandy beach, just next to the bridge.

Penang police have however assured the public that all is well, adding that the presence of the military assets were part of a joint training exercise between the police’s 69 Commando Unit and the US Army.

State police chief Datuk Chuah Ghee Lye said the Mint 17-2453 training, at the Batu Uban Marine Base here, is being held from Feb 26 until Mar 18.

It involved 45 officers and personnel from the 69 Commando Unit and 12 officers and personnel from the US Army.

“This joint training is aimed at exposing and further strengthening the 69 Comando Unit to face any possible threat.

“During this time, Penang police will ensure the safety of all and maintain smooth sailing traffic at the training sites,” he said.

Chuah said that as the training is being held near Penang waters, there will be numerous military assets from both countries in the air.

-New Straits Times

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