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Hazmat team moves fast to save dad and daughter from mercury spill

KUCHING: A hazardous materials (Hazmat) emergency response team reacted swiftly to contain a mercury spill at a home here that had put a man and his young daughter in danger.

The spill happened at a house in the Tabuan Jaya residential estate not far from the Kuching International Airport at about 8.15pm on Saturday.

The Fire and Rescue station at Stutong township received an emergency call and swiftly despatched a Hazmat unit and an ambulance to the site.

It was discovered that the father had accidentally dropped the thermometer he was using to take the temperature of his daughter, aged about five or six years old, who was not feeling well.

Mercury spilled onto the floor and traces fell on both of them.

The Hazmat team, equipped in protective gear, took about an hour to clean up the mercury.

They also safely cleansed the stains from the father and little girl.

The Hazmat team removed the spilled mercury for safe disposal.-thestar

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