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Just 20 minutes – but high drama

SEPANG: The charging of the two women over the death of a North Korean at an airport in Malaysia took barely 20 minutes, but events leading to it screamed of a high-profile case.

Siti Aisyah and Doan Thi Huong, the two women central in the intriguing case, looked far from the hired killers they were rumoured to be as they ascended the court steps.

Siti was wearing the same sports jersey she wore when she was arrested as she climbed up the stairs from the basement lockup located underneath the accused dock.

With her hair let down past her shoulders, she looked solemn as she stood hearing the charges read to her by an Indonesian interpreter.

The Indonesian did not appear to understand the charge the first time it was read out.

She only nodded in agreement when asked if she understood the allegation against her after it was read out the second time.

The interpreter also made a slip by asking Siti her plea and she answered “not guilty”.

DPP Muhamad Iskandar Ahmad then told the interpreter that there was no need to record her plea as of now.

(Pleas from the accused will only be recorded at the High Court).

Doan was brought out after Siti’s proceedings ended.

She too, was wearing the same clothes she had on when she was arrested on Feb 15.

The long sleeves of her yellow T-shirt were rolled up slightly, exposing her handcuffs.

She appeared calm throughout the proceeding and thinner than in her photos that have been splashed in the media since her arrest.

The court proceedings that started at 10am took barely 20 minutes for both the accused but it was a much longer wait for the media who camped outside the court complex as early as 5am.

There was no visible interaction that could be seen between the two women as they were brought out one after the other to face the Sessions judge who was sitting as a magistrate in the courtroom.

Siti was represented by a five-man defence team led by Gooi Soon Seng while Doan was represented by S. Selvam.-thestar

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