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Subsidised cooking oil to be sold at Sabah ‘tamu’

KOTA KINABALU: Subsidised cooking oil will be sold at tamu or farmers’ markets around Sabah as a way of assuring consumers that there is sufficient stock of the item.

State Community Development and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Jainab Ahmad Ayid said the subsidised cooking oil quota for Sabah had been increased from 3,900 tonnes to 5,000 tonnes per month.

“This should be enough for lower income families,” she said, adding that the subsidised cooking oil packed in 1kg packets would be available at farmers’ markets in the state once a fortnight.

She said the sale of the cooking oil would be organised by the Domestic Trade and Consumer Ministry personnel here with the help of District Offices and local community leaders.

“The oil will be sold using a coupon system and limited to 2kgs per person,” Jainab said, adding that those operating food stalls and other eateries should be reasonable and buy the non-subsidised cooking oil.

“They are in business so they can afford to buy the non-subsidised cooking oil,” she said.

Subsidised cooking oil in 1kg packets are selling at RM2.50 while the non-subsidised 2kg bottles cost between RM10 and 12.-thestar

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