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Teen who ‘found’ baby hanging from window turns out to be the mother

KUALA LUMPUR: A newborn baby was found alive, wrapped in cloth and hung on the window grill of a house in Batang Kali, Selangor, today.

However, questions over how it got there were answered when a teenager, who reported the ‘discovery’, turned out to be the mother.

In the 7.30am incident, the teenager, 19 said she heard a baby crying outside her room, located at the back of the house.

She claimed she found the baby, bundled up in cloth, hanging from the window grill on the upper floor of her house.

She alerted the police.

Hulu Selangor police chief Superintendent R. Supramaniam said police, who came to investigate the case, doubted her story when they noticed that the woman appeared sick.

When questioned further, she admitted that she had actually given birth to the baby and had hung the baby up at the grill.

“She lied to her mother and claimed that she had found the baby. She admitted that she gave birth in her room around 6.45am today,” said Supramaniam.

Police later detained a 17-year old boy, believed to be the woman’s boyfriend, to facilitate investigations including on how the woman hid her pregnancy from her family.

Subramaniam said the woman was sent to the Kuala Kubu Bharu hospital for a medical check-up.

-New Straits Times

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