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Man jailed Three Months For Hitting Wife

KUALA LUMPUR: A housekeeping worker was jailed for three months when he pleaded guilty to punching his wife after accusing her of having another man in her life.

Upon hearing the verdict in the magistrate’s court here Wednesday, Alias Ambo, 38, turned to his wife Andi Hartina Andi Anwar, 39, who was seated in the first row of public gallery, and clasped his hands to beg for forgiveness.

“How are our children?” he asked her, wiping his eyes while seated in the dock.

Magistrate Ahmad Solihin Abd Wahid ordered the jail sentence to start from the date of arrest – April 9.

Alias also admitted to the statement of facts that he had an argument with his wife at their home in City Hall’s flats in Jalan Loke Yew here at 5pm on April 9.

He hit her after accusing her of having an affair.

Andi Hartina lodged a police report, saying she could not tolerate her hot-tempered husband.

Pleading for leniency, Alias said his wife was jobless and they have three children to care for.

He added that he had to pay RM500 rent for their flat.

“Two of my children are sick and need treatment.

“I promise I will not do this again to my wife,” said Alias.

“My wife cannot manage the children,” he said.

However, DPP Noorelynna Hanim Abd Halim asked the court to impose an appropriate sentence in view of public interest and that the case involves domestic violence.

“A husband has to protect his wife, not use physical violence against her. The accused has to control his emotions,” she said.-thestar

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