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‘Stop Telling The World’

PETALING JAYA: Gavin Edward O’Luanaigh, the estranged husband of Serina Redzuawan, has asked that their marital problem and family matters be kept private.

Although the Irishman, whose Muslim name is Salahudin Ghafar, did not mention any names, his celebrity chef father-in-law Datuk Redzuawan Ismail, better known as Chef Wan, had previously commented publicly about the relationship and divorce.

“Serina and I are still trying to resolve everything amicably and we both have the children’s best interests at heart.

“I sincerely hope that any family member, who has the best interests of the children and grandchildren at heart, can direct questions to Serina and me rather than telling the world,” said O’Luanaigh in a statement yesterday.

He said he had always paid for the family’s expenses and let Serina spend her own “sizeable income” on whatever she wanted.

“I was fine with taking on all the expenses as this is my duty to the family and I am fully aware of my responsibilities as a husband and have provided accordingly,” he said.

O’Luanaigh said he was devastated when Serina moved out of their house in January 2016 and asked for a divorce.

“I didn’t and still don’t understand the reasons why she left as she hasn’t told me. However, I hoped that a resolution could be sought and the marriage healed.

“Despite not knowing where she went and where she is living I do not believe any third party was involved and so did not give her a divorce as I believed in her and was willing to wait for her to think about her actions and about the family,” he said.

On Saturday, Chef Wan expressed his happiness that Serina is finally divorced.

Chef Wan said that he had advised O’Luanaigh on the importance of a husband’s responsibility to provide monthly financial support to his wife, adding that O’Luanaigh had apparently refused to heed this.

The couple married in January 2010, and have two children.

“The children, Tristan (six) and Isabella (five), have remained in the family home with me over the last 15 months and I have done everything in my power to remain positive and care for them as best as I can,” said O’Luanaigh.-thestar

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