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Videos Of Motorcycle Gang Causing Ruckus Outside School Go Viral

PETALING JAYA: Two videos of a group of motorcyclists causing a commotion outside a school have gone viral.

The first video clip — lasting 1.14min — shows the group shouting and revving their engines outside the school.

A young man in a black T-shirt and jeans is seen standing on one of the motorcycles and making gestures with his hands.

The group also held up banners, one of which had the letter “24”, “TD4” and a black swastika.

Some thirty seconds into the footage, a youth wearing a full-faced helmet, sets off firecrackers.

Most of the men on motorcycles are seen dressed casually although one or two appear to be in school uniform. It cannot be determined if those in uniform are part of the group.

It appears that the footage was taken after school was over as students were seen leaving the school premises and walking cautiously, trying to avoid the group of troublemakers.

The second video starts with a close-up of a cake with the words “SMK Sri Andalas”, “24” and “Apache” written on it.

The location and time of the 24-second footage appears to be the same as the first.

In the second video, at least one of the motorcyclists is seen wearing a school uniform.-thestar

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