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Korean Actress Seong Hyeon-ah’s Husband Found Dead

SEOUL: Actress Seong Hyeon-ah’s (pic) husband was found dead inside his car in Osan, Gyeonggi Province at around 8:40am Tuesday.

The car, a Ssangyong Tivoli, was parked nearby the construction site of a studio apartment building. Burnt charcoal was discovered inside the locked car. The police suspect that some time has passed since his death judging from the decay of the body.

Although no suicide note was found, police have concluded that the death was a suicide as evidence does not point to a killing.

Seong and her husband, surnamed Choi, had been separated for several years.

His car was found near Hwaseong, where Choi’s children live.

Seong was indicted on prostitution charges in 2013, but found not guilty in an appeal last June.

The actress returned to the stage last December in a play called “Fleeting Love” (unofficial translation).

Last Thursday, Seong opened up about her troubled past in a documentary aired on cable network TV Chosun.

“I committed no illegal acts,” she said in the documentary. – The Korean Herald/Asia News Network

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