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Woman Dies After Falling From Ride At Amusement Park In Beijing

A woman died after she fell 10 metres off a ride at a theme park in Beijing, Chinese media reported.

The accident happened the at Leduogang Amusement Park in the Changping district of the capital, the news website Sina reported.

The woman killed was 51 and a tourist from Shanxi province in northern China.

An initial investigation suggested she came loose from her seat on a ride called “Fly through the Forbidden City”.

A member of the park’s medical staff said : “I received a call from the manager that a female tourist had fallen from her seat. When I arrived at the scene, I spotted she was covered in blood with no signs of life.”

A spokesman for the park declined to comment about the accident on Wednesday, telling the website that an investigation was still underway.

Girl, 13, dies after being thrown off ride at Chinese amusement park

The ride has been closed while the investigation takes place, the report said.

Another tourist who went on the ride earlier that day said the seats were stable and there was no violent shaking.

The park’s website said more than 2,400 tourists go on the ride each day.

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