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Malaysian Lip-Syncing Star Praised By Shah Rukh Khan

PETALING JAYA: Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has complimented the lip-syncing talents of Malaysian Nur Amira Maslan, who calls herself Kak Girl.

Shah Rukh praised Nur Amira’s lip-synced performance of Hindi number Bole Chudiyan, a song from the hit movie Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham.

Her lively performance, filmed in a car, was in contrast to her husband Mohamad Hafizi Marzuki, who remained expressionless as he drove the vehicle.

“Wow!! And the gentleman is so underplayed,” tweeted Shah Rukh on Wednesday, while sharing the video on his Twitter page, told Star Online.

Nur Amira shared a screenshot of Shah Rukh’s tweet, and expressed her hope to perform a duet with him in her car.

“Please consider to take me as your heroine for the next movie,” said Nur Amira cheekily on Facebook.

Nur Amira, who lives in Johor Baru, became a local hit after she won a lip-syncing competition in June last year.

The song that won her the grand prize for Sinar FM’s lip-syncing contest was Tamil hit Aa Ante Amalapuram from the movie Aarya.

Nur Amira said she was comfortable with lip-syncing Hindi songs because she grew up watching Bollywood movies with her family.

On top of Hindi songs, Nur Amira also performs Malay, English, Spanish and Korean songs.

Her Facebook page is liked by over 85,000 people and followed by close to 90,000 people.

Nur Amira’s growing popularity on Facebook also landed her a job as an announcer with a Johor-based radio station two months ago.

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