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These Designer Sneakers Will Set You Back RM3,300

Perhaps it takes more than a common mind to fully comprehend the mind of Balenciaga’s creative director for their latest collection of Balenciaga’s Triple S sneakers which are starting to create a buzz online and has got a few heads turning already.

Set for release on 21 September, these seasonal sneakers got the writer of this article thinking, are we desperately trying to bring back 90s fashion era?

We all could do a little throwback every now and then. Over the weekend, I was watching back a few episodes of the famous ‘Friends’ series starring Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc (to name a few) and what I noticed especially was, everything that Aniston wore in the series could actually be pulled off in this day and age!

Funny how that works because five years ago, when I was watching reruns of this series, I thought to myself “I bet Aniston cringes at all her outfits,” but alas, here we are today.

As much as Kendall Jenner and other famous celebrities try to bring back 90’s fashion to the streets as they try to pull off vintage fashion with their oversized jackets, bell-bottoms, and tiny lenses sunglasses, admittedly, I am still not too sure Balenciaga’s latest sneakers.

And at a price of RM3,300 for a pair you can only maybe wear with selected outfits, is it worth it? Launched during Paris Fashion Week this year, they seem to really embody the concept of “ugly is cool” with their chunky appearance. Designed by Vetements designer Demna Gvasalia, High Snobiety says that Balenciaga describes them as “real, heavy-duty, high fashion-spec footwear”.

In my personal opinion, it looks rather too bulky for a casual day. But then again, if the Jenners/Kardashians, Hadid sisters or maybe even Aniston herself wears a pair, I am sure within the next 48-hours, Balenciaga’s Triple S sneakers would be sold out.



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