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Floyd Mayweather Jr. Adopts A Baby Panda, Guess What He Named It?

The things rich people do with their money. Floyd Mayweather Jr, the world-famous undefeated boxing champion, has reportedly adopted a baby panda in China.

Last week, during his trip to the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, Mayweather Jr. took the opportunity to spend $15,000 (RM60,870) to adopt a panda.

The panda was previously called “Maodou” or “Soybean” in English, but Mayweather Jr. saw it fit to rename the panda after himself, giving it the name ‘TMT Floyd Mayweather’.

In case you didn’t know, TMT is the name of Mayweather’s personal brand, an abbreviation for “The Money Train.”

Luckily for the panda, “Money” won’t be bringing the panda home. Although he has adopted the panda, the panda will stay at the base where Mayweather’s money will be used to pay for expenses and staff.

Mayweather’s extravagance when it comes to money is infamous, and this is just another episode of his crazy purchases.

Before this, it has been revealed by Mayweather himself that he doesn’t pack his bags with clothes when he travels, instead he fills his bags with money.

However, Mayweather revealed in his Instagram post that he is being paid US$3,000,000 to take a vacation in China, meaning that he won’t be spending a cent on the trip.


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