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Man Who Was Unlucky In Love Now Has Countless Fans Online After 29 Plastic Surgeries

A Thai man decided to go under the knife after he did not find success in love and career, and he has undergone around 29 plastic surgeries over the past two years.

Ratchadapong Prasit, 23, said that while people expound that inner beauty is more important, he found it to be entirely false.

“I used to apply for the famous Pattaya theater seven times, but was rejected for a number of reasons,” Ratchadapong said, as quoted by local media dodeden.com.

He also revealed that he had surgeries done on his forehead, nose, chin, mouth as well as injections around his eyes and nose.

And while many would think of going to South Korea to perform these surgeries, Ratchadapong proudly said that he had all the surgeries done by doctors in Thailand after doing careful research for the best in the field.

“The key is to find a hospital with a good reputation in the past to know where the doctors are skilled.

“To those who want to do surgery, they should study the all necessary information and consult a professional doctor before making any decision,” he advised.

He started saving up for surgery when he managed to earn good money in selling shoes to foreign tourists and has since spent over 300,000 baht (RM37,000) over the course of two years.

Now that he looks different from his original self, he also assumed a new name, Minho, which is popularly associated with South Korean K-pop star, Choi Minho of SHINee, as well as famous South Korean actor Lee Minho.

Following his surgeries, he no longer has to worry about being rejected as his popularity skyrocketed that he has earned fans and followers online, and he started appearing on Thai television.

Despite the numerous surgeries he has undergone, it was reported that Ratchadapong or Minho, would like to go through more in the future to improve his face further.


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