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Man Walks 40 Kilometres, Just To Save Money To Buy His Wife Clothes For Chinese New Year

What’s the grandest thing you’ve ever done in the name of love? No matter what you did, it’d be hard pressed to beat this man.

In an tear-jearkingly sweet story of sacrifice, a migrant worker from China, Zhao Fangzi, chose to walk a massive 40 kilometres to save some money – just so that he can buy his wife new clothes for the Chinese New Year.

The worker, who actually lives in Mengjin county, central Henan province, chose to walk when he found out that the bus service was not running due to the heavy snow.

This left him with two choices, either spend money on a taxi, or stay in a hotel and wait for the bus service to resume their services.

Due to the amount of money both options will take, Zhao chose none of them, and instead walked the whole 40 kilometres from Shanghai to his hometown.

“If I had stayed there and waited, I would’ve had to check in to a hotel, which would have cost extra money too,” Zhao was quoted as saying. “So I decided to walk home.”

Zhao also said that rather than spend 200 yuan (RM123) on a taxi fare, the money will be better spent on new clothes for his wife for the coming Chinese New Year.

Unlike most other migrant workers, Zhao’s trip was a one-way one, as he won’t be returning to Shanghai.

“I’m [already] 60, and it’s time to retire. We have pensions too, after all,” he was quoted as saying, according to South China Morning Post.

This made his journey even harder, as not only he had to face the freezing temperatures, he also had to carry all his belongings with him, which includes a sleeping mat, electric fan and bedding.

Although Zhao only had a simple towel on his head to protect his head from the freezing cold, he says that it’s not that bad.

“It’s not that cold,” Zhao said. “And the more you walk, the warmer you feel.”

Although it’s not reported at what time Zhao made it home, Zhao hoped that he managed to get home before dark.


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