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Paralyzed Man’s Live Streaming Leads To True Love

BEIJING: Hao Panpan, a paralyzed man who shares his unyielding spirit through live streaming, married a woman whom he fell in love with through the live streaming platform, China Youth Daily reported.

Hao, from Huanggou village of Jize county in Handan, North China’s Hebei province, was injured at a well-digging construction site in May 2014. As a result, he ended up paralyzed from his waist down. In September 2014, Hao’s ex-girlfriend left the home they shared and he hasn’t heard from her since.

Lying in bed for a long time took a toll on Hao’s health. He began to suffer muscular atrophy in his legs, and his weight dropped from 65 kilograms to 50 kg.

Despite losing the ability to work outside the home, Hao found an unexpected source of income: live streaming online. With a mobile phone and a stand, he sings and does rehabilitation exercises on a live-streaming platform.

Among Hao’s followers was Fu Chengjun, a woman from Central China’s Anhui province, who got to know Hao through his live streaming in February 2017.

“After following him online for some time, I found him to be a strong and optimistic person. We gradually fell in love with him,” Fu said..

On Jan 9, Fu tied the knot with Hao in his hometown in Hebei without informing her family. The two formed a new family, as each has a child from previous relationships. According to local custom, the groom’s family gives betrothal gifts to the bride’s family before the marriage. However, Fu chose to marry Hao without asking for anything.

The couple now support themselves through live streaming broadcasts and by doing business on WeChat, selling products like towels and underwear. Fu provides massage to her husband everyday to help improve blood circulation in his legs. – China Daily/Asia News Network

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