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Man Tries Retrieving His iPhone 8 From Toilet Bowl, Guess What Happened Next?

In an embarrassing incident in China, a man was stuck in a squatting toilet for 20 minutes after sticking his right hand into the toilet bowl.

According to local media, the man, surnamed Tan, got himself in the humiliating situation while going out for drinks with his friends at a hotel in Liuzhou, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

During a trip to the toilet, Tan accidentally dropped his iPhone 8 into a squat toilet.

Not wanting to flush away his luxury phone that easily, he quickly kneelt to the ground and stuck his hand inside the toilet bowl to retrieve his phone.

Unfortunately in his attempt, Tan got his whole arm, right up to his shoulders into the toilet bowl, inadvertently getting himself stuck.

Due to embarrassment, he remained there silently without calling for help for a whole 30 minutes, until he was discovered by a janitor.

Tan’s ordeal finally ended when the firefighters came to his rescue, and dismantled the toilet. Tan was also left with minor injuries on his arm and sadly, he lost his iPhone.

Although the night seemed like a terrible night for Tan, it did have a happy ending as he was compensated for his injuries by the hotel, which meant he could also buy himself a new phone.


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