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There’s An App That Helps You Earn Extra Cash By Answering Homework Questions Online

If you are looking to generate additional income without much hassle, then the Hong Kong-based app known as ‘SnapAsk’ is the app for you.

Launched in 2016, ‘SnapAsk’ allows the user the make money by tutoring students throughout Asia on their homework, which has been uploaded by the students on to the platform.

The app has since expanded its horizons to Malaysia, as netizen Jannah recently shared on Twitter that she earned RM1,254 by answering a total of 1029 questions. Her short tweet certainly garnered a lot of attention, generating over 16K retweets.

In acknowledging that many Malaysians are on the look out to diversify their source of income, Malaysian Digest prepared a list on what users need to know prior to downloading the app.


1. The App Can Be Downloaded For Free

Search for ‘SnapAsk’ on your Google Play Store or iTunes and download the app.

After the app has been installed, users will be given two options to choose from – either sign up as a student or as a tutor.

The users are then required to upload a few documents, such as I/C number and academic transcripts.

Although it might take a while as our application will be reviewed by actual people, users are free to provide their services the moment they receive an email of approval.


2. Choosing The Subjects You Wish To Tutor

Aside from being able to choose which school level you would like to tutor, the tutors are also permitted to choose the subjects that they would like to tutor.

In other words, Malaysians are encouraged to choose the subjects that they have excelled at.

However, keep in mind that it is imperative for tutors to constantly be updated on the Malaysian curriculum syllabus.


3. A Master Of The Subject

Be that as it may, it is not as easy as pie for users to become a tutor as it is dependent on the grades you have obtained throughout your academic pursuit.

SnapAsk requires tutor to obtain at least an A or an A+ for the particular subject.


4. You Get To Choose The Questions You Want To Answer

Not only are tutors be allowed to pick the subjects, but it turns out that they are able to select which questions they wish to answer too.

However for mathematical questions, tutors are expected to upload a snapshot of the equation as a means to give students a point of reference.


5. Tutors Are Rated For Credibility

Just like Uber and Grab, students who sought for your assistance will rate you according to their liking.

Assuming that you do not perform as a tutor, it could potentially affect your credibility as a tutor.

Due to the fact that tutors are being rated, it is best to select questions that you are really confident in answering as one you select a question, there is no going back.


6. You Get Paid Regardless The Answer Is Wrong

Yes, you still get paid even when the answer is wrong – but remember, this will have a direct impact on your credibility.

For each answer given, the tutor will be paid RM1.50.

In Jannah’s case for instance, the young lass answered a total of 1,029 questions, which means that she has earned up to RM1,543.50 on SnapAsk.

– Malaysian Digest

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