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Boss Arrested For Running Over Employee With Truck And Killing Him

BANGKOK: The owner of a rubber sheet shop in Narathiwat has been arrested after he was caught on camera crashing his pickup truck into his employee’s motorcycle before running over him.

Pol Colonel Prayut Wongsanti, commander of the Sungai Kolok district police station, said Saroj Lee, 40, was arrested and charged with murder not long after the a security camera recorded his act in front of his own shop on Tuesday.

The employee was identified as Mada-oh Maba, 39.

Saroj admitted that he had personal conflicts with Mada-oh and, when he saw Mada-oh riding his motorcycle past his pickup, he immediately chased after the employee and caught up with him in front of the shop.

The clip showed the pickup hit the motorcycle, sending it careering down the road in front of Saroj’s rubber shop.

The pickup driver was then seen on the clip opening the driver’s door to take a look at the motorcyclist on the road.

At that moment, an employee of the shop, Abdulloh Ma, 22, ran out to try to pull the motorcyclist off the road, but the pickup was seen pulling back, then driving forward at full speed, running over the body of the motorcyclist. – The Nation/Asia News Network

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