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China Rider In Tour de Langkawi Throws Bike At Terengganu Cycling Team, Assaults M’sian Cyclist

The Tour de Langkawi (LTdL) made international headlines yesterday but it was for all the wrong reasons.

A footage had emerged online of an incident that took place during the third stage of the LTdL from Kota Baru to Kuala Terengganu yesterday.

The 39-second recording which appears to filmed from a balcony shows a fight involving a number of riders had gone viral online soon after the race ended.

According to NST, the incident is said to have taken place near the Payang market in Kuala Terengganu after the race ended.

19-year-old Chinese cyclist Zhiwen Chen from Giant Cycling Team was found to have assaulted Terengganu Cycling Team (TSG) rider Mohd Hariff Salleh leading to the LTdL commissar to disqualify Chen from the race.

Chen was penalised under “Article 30.1: Acts of violence among riders” and eliminated for his role in the fight, cyclingnews.com reports.

After the race finished the fight erupted with Chen throwing his bike at Saleh before they scuffled, apparently the result of a day where their respective teams were arguing all throughout the stage.

It was reported that Chen’s teammate Hang Shi was penalised with the added charge of “throwing a bottle against another rider” but remains in the race.

The cycling news portal also state that Shi threw the bottle mid-race when tempers originally flared between the Terengganu and Giant teams.

For throwing the bottle, Shi received a CHF200 (RM822.92) fine and was penalized one second. Chen was also fined CHF50 (RM205.73).

The LTdL commissar also penalised TSG’s Mohd Harrif under Article 37bis: “Behaviour which damages the image of cycling (by his defensive action)” and he was fined CHF50 (RM205.73).

The third stage was won by Adam de Vos of Rally.

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