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4th Day Of Ramadan Sees 20 Explosions In Southern Thailand

PATTANI: The fourth day of the month of Ramadan has been marred with incidents of violence with about 20 bombs targeting Automatic Teller Machines (ATM), going off in some parts of southern Thailand.

The bomb blasts started from 7 pm (local time) in the turbulent Pattani, Yala, Narathiwat and Songkla provinces.

“The authorities received reports of four bombs exploding in the Muang district of Pattani, while a bomb each exploded in Saiburi, Nongchik and Yarang, all placed at ATM machines,” Pattani police chief Maj Gen Piyawat Chalermsi said today, told Bernama.

He said two were reported injured in the incident in the Muang district.

In Narathiwat, the authorities reported five bombs exploded in the Benang Setar, Kabang and Yaha districts but did not cause any injuries or casualties.

An unknown attacker also shot a M79 grenade at the Narathiwat Task Force headquarters in Thanto about 8 pm (local time), but did not cause any injury.

Security sources also said bomb attacks were reported in Ranget and Cho Airong districts, while a bomb exploded at an ATM machine in the Thepa district of Songkla last night.

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