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At Least 16 Fans Murdered Within 24 Hours Of World Cup Win

MEXICO CITY: Eleven football fans were shot and killed in Mexico following the nation’s win against South Korea in the 2018 World Cup in Russia, police said.

The first of two attacks took place along the Texas border around 11 am local time, when six people were killed in a shooting as they sat watching the soccer game from inside their garage.

According to witnesses, a van pulled up to the home and a group of armed attackers jumped out and fired at the party of football fans. Neighbours immediately called local police to report the incident and an investigation is underway.

Within the course of an hour, another five people were murdered when a pair of gunmen burst into a barber shop and killed the two clients and three barbers found inside.

Later, another four victims were reported dead around midnight, drawing Saturday night to a close with a final death toll of 16 murders.

Mexico built on the momentum from their stunning opening victory over world champions Germany by comprehensively beating South Korea 2-1 Saturday and taking a giant leap towards reaching the last-16 of a World Cup. Hundreds filled the streets of Mexico celebrating with small parades and alcoholic beverages, despite the state’s temporary dry law.

In response to the violent outbreak along the border, local law enforcement issued a warning via their social media accounts, advising residents to stay inside their homes while assailants were at large.

“Do not take this statement lightly, we warn you that we are not playing … anyone who is out at 11 pm – either walking, driving motorcycles, cars, vans with tinted windows – will be stopped. We do not want to confuse you with them so pay attention,” the statement said, told Bernama.

A recent report published by the National Public Security System Thursday warned that 2018 may become the most deadly year in the country’s history. Since January, a total of 13,298 people have been murdered in Mexico: a 21 percent increase on the same period last year. While May, with a total of 2,890 murders reported – which calculates to roughly 93 victims per day or four every hour – is the nation’s highest homicide rate registered since 1997.

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