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Catfish Swallows Koi Of Equal Size In Seven Seconds; Internet Traumatised

KUALA LUMPUR: A gulper catfish in Indonesia has terrified the internet with its display of extreme rapaciousness.

A 50-second viral video clip shows the black predator swimming in an aquarium with a koi of equal size, as well as a much smaller fish clinging to the side of the tank.

Without warning, the catfish swings around and latches on to the head of the koi, and within seven seconds, swallows the fish in its entirety, told NST.

The smaller fish, meanwhile, is seen frantically trying to keep a wide berth of the savagery.

The catfish’s stomach, meanwhile, is now hugely engorged, so much so that it has trouble moving.

Most disturbingly, a portion of the koi can be seen emerging from what is either the catfish’s anus, or a tear in its stomach.

As the meme goes: “Damn nature. You scary!”

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