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Gun Shop Confirms Christchurch Suspects Buying Weapons Online

CHRISTCHURCH, (New Zealand), March 18:New Zealand’s largest gun dealer, Gun City, said Monday that four out of the five firearms that the man charged with murder had during Christchurch mass shootings were purchased legally from the company, reported Xinhua news agency.

David Tipple, owner of Gun City, confirmed in a press conference that the suspect purchased four guns from it online but the semi-automatic fire arm that was used in the killing was not from Gun City.

Tipple also said the suspect has a legitimate A-class gun licence when he made the purchase.

He refused to further discuss about the gun laws during the press conference, insisting that his company did nothing wrong in selling firearms to the suspect.

Meanwhile, in light of the Christchurch attacks that killed 50 people, event organizers have cancelled the largest gun show in New Zealand.

Organizers said on Sunday on its Facebook page that the show was cancelled in respect for the victims of the Christchurch terror attacks and the elevated security risks.

Kumeu Militaria Show, an annual event which has been held for the past five years, is the largest of its kind in the New Zealand reported Bernama.

Last Friday’s attacks at two Christchurch mosques have raised concern over the country’s gun laws. New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has pledged a change to the gun laws and on Monday the cabinet agreed on tougher gun laws in “principle.”

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