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‘Ramadan won’t be the same for us’


ALOR STAR: RAMADAN will not be the same for three siblings, who lost their parents and two other siblings in a car accident last year.

In fact, for Afifa Norhairy, 17, and her two younger brothers, Ahmad Athirul Hadi, 13, and Ahmad Kasyful, 11, it will be one that will bring them sad memories.

“I cannot express how sad I am to go through the holy month without my parents,” she said at her grandparents’ house in Kampung Hilir, Kepala Batas, yesterday.

Afifa and her brothers have been under the care of their grandparents, Ahmad Abu Bakar, 70, and Che Lian Mat Saad, 63, ever since the tragic incident in December last year.

“Even though I have been staying with my grandparents, it still feels so different.

“It is still painful for me to have lost my loved ones.

“Their faces are always vivid in my mind,” she said, tears welling.

Afifa said among the most painful memories were waking up for sahur and breaking fast with their parents.

“It is sad to know that we will not be shopping for our Hari Raya clothes this time around. We used to be so excited about it.

“My mother was very ‘picky’ about choosing our Hari Raya clothes,” she said, adding that for this year’s celebration, she would wear her late sister’s baju kurung instead of buying a new one.

However, Afifa said she considered herself fortunate to have her brothers, grandparents and relatives to turn to.

Kasyful said his mother would no longer be the one to wake him up for sahur.

“I am going to miss those moments a lot.”

He said he would miss his mother’s honey cornflake cookies, which were his favourite.

“I love the honey cornflake cookies and my mother used to bake them for us every year without fail.”

On Dec 30, former Armed Forces Religious Corps personnel Norhairy Ahmad and his wife, Rohayati Osman, and their daughters, Adibah and Athirotul Huda, were killed after their car rammed into a trailer in Sungai Buloh, Selangor.

Hours later, Athirotul Huda succumbed to a brain haemorrhage at Sungai Buloh Hospital’s intensive care unit.


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