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Morale high despite having to resit papers

KUALA LUMPUR: MOST pupils forced to resit the Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) papers remained upbeat of doing well as they finished last-minute revisions yesterday.

Checks at several schools nationwide showed that pupils and teachers were busy doing their final preparations for the English and Science papers scheduled for today.

Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit Pantai pupil Muhammad Hazim Mohamad, who was seen busy revising the subjects with his schoolmates, said he was a bit stressed but expressed confidence of passing.

“I have been studying two to three hours daily and hope to do well today. Mathematics, which I am supposed to resit on Oct 9, is also my favourite subject.”

Another pupil of the same school in Bangsar here, Wilfred Wong, said he was more relaxed now compared with the original examination date as he has had more time to revise.

“I was very nervous the last time. Having to resit the examination has given me the opportunity to be better prepared.”

Nurul Farah Nadia Norhamzah said the leak had not affected her determination to do well in the exam.

“I felt sad at first but I refused to think about it too much and continued to focus on the papers which have been rescheduled.

“I hope to get better results than my brother. He scored only 1A and I hope to do better than him.”

Alystair Carl from a school in Subang said he had studied hard for his exam and was confident that he would get “As” for all his papers.

“When I got to know that there was a leak, I was heartbroken. I lost the mood to prepare for another examination but I just have to face it.”

T. Vishynu from Kedah said the resit had given him extra time to prepare for the papers.

“I was frustrated when we were told that we had to resit the papers.

“However, it has given me time to brush up on my weakness in both subjects.”

His friend, Muhamad Imran Harith Mahfudz, said he was fully charged to resit the papers today


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