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999 system glitch raises concern

KUALA LUMPUR: A problem with the 999 Emergency Response Services’ automated location identification and mapping system has forced operators to take a slightly longer time before calls can be patched through as they have to find out the exact locations first.

The New Straits Times spoke to two callers who recounted their experience in explaining to operators of their actual locations.

Student Muhammad Afzan Zaidi, 19, said he called the emergency line at 10.30pm on Dec 3 to notify authorities of an accident involving two motorcycles in Jalan Jeram, Muar, Johor.

“I spoke to a 999 operator and informed him about the accident and its location. Ten minutes later, another operator called me back and asked for the location.

Shortly after, a policeman from the Kuala Lumpur traffic police called me and asked if the accident was in KL.

When I told him it was in Muar, he said he would notify Muar police.” Afzan said an ambulance arrived 15 minutes later and took one of the motorcyclists to a hospital.

Atiqah Amirah Farimie, 21, who made an emergency call from Jalan Pengkalan Perigi in Malacca last Friday, said the operator asked whether her address was correct.

“I gave my address to the operator and relayed to him information about my uncle’s medical condition for assistance.

However, he asked me if I was in Perlis.”-nst

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