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Zahid challenges Msian youths to do “dirty, difficult, dangerous” jobs

SHAH ALAM: Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi today challenged Malaysian youths to take up ‘3D’ jobs – dirty, difficult and dangerous – currently held by foreign workers.

This challenge was thrown after he asked youths if they wanted 1.5 million Bangladeshi workers to work here.

“Should Bangladeshi workers be brought in?, ” asked Zahid.

To which the hundreds of youths attending the Selangor Youth Council annual general assembly said “No”.

Zahid continued his questions.

“Who here agrees to work in farms, to work under the sun and rain? To work in factories that are hot? To wash drains? To work as cooks at mamak restaurants?”

The youths roared their approval.

Zahid said he would ask Selangor Youth Council president Datuk Irmohizam Ibrahim to start registering those interested in doing 3D jobs.

However, Zahid noted that realistically, Malaysian youths are choose, forcing local employers to constantly look for staff.

“But they don’t want to wash drains, pick fruits.

“We have asked the FMM (Federation of Manufacturers Malaysia) to look for local workers.

“The country needs skilled and semi skilled workers, Zahid added.

He said the furniture sector, for example, needs 160, 000 workers. “They complain. They want to hire locals. They want to pay EPF, insurance and minimum wages.

“But locals run away after a month or two. The factory owners have to close shop,” he explained, adding that employers resort to foreign workers as locals shy away from such jobs

“What choice do we (the government) have?”

Malaysia has around two million registered foreign workers.

-New Straits Times

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