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No compromise, NRD to take stern action if officers involved in baby-selling racket

PUTRAJAYA: The National Registration Department (NRD) will not compromise if its officers were found to be involved in the baby-selling syndicates as reported in the Al-Jazeera documentary, aired earlier this week.

Its director-general Mohd Yazid Ramli said stern actions will be taken against those responsible for the issuance of falsified documents.

“It was reported in the documentary that there were NRD officers involved in forging babies’ birth certificates for the purpose of trafficking.

“We view this matter seriously and will carry out investigation to validate the report and taken action on those officers who are responsible.” he said in a statement earlier.

Al-Jazeera, in its report earlier this week, had claimed that Malaysia has become a hub for baby-selling syndicates.

In the documentary titled “Malaysia: Babies for Sale”, based on a four-month undercover operation by its journalist, the news channel claimed that a network of traffickers, doctors and government officials, especially from the National Registration Department, were profiting from the sale of babies.

Based on the information received, NRD will take necessary actions to prevent occurrence irregular birth registration, Yazid said.

Among the measures will be taken to review the position of birth registration to make sure its done according to correct procedures and to blacklist the falsified birth certificates.

“We will also carry out internal investigations and identify the clinics involved, before making a police report to take legal actions,” he said.

Yazid explained that every birth were registered without prejudice regardless the child’s status.

“Every registration done at the counter will be examined by an officer based on original documents, forms and the information recorded in the system.

“Only after validating the documents, the birth certificates will issued.

“If the application is incomplete or does not comply with the procedures, it will be postponed until the applicant produces complete and genuine documents,” he said, adding that, if there any doubts in the application, it will be referred to NRD’s Investigation and Enforcement Division.

Yazid said if any forgeries were found, the applicant can be charged under Registration of Births and Deaths Act 1957 (Act 299) which brings a maximum fine of RM2,000 or 12 months of imprisonment, or both.

He said the department will continue to cooperate with the media, the public or anyone who have any information on the involvement of the irresponsible officers in the report, so that appropriate actions will be taken.-nst

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