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Najib: Oil-rich Saudi Arabia will also introduce GST

KUALA LUMPUR: Oil-producing Saudi Arabia will soon introduce a Goods and Service Tax (GST) proving that such a tax “is not bad,” Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said.

“The oil price in Saudi Arabia has also gone up by 50%.

“So do not confuse the rakyat and instigate them,” he said, referring to Opposition politicians who have hit out at the implementation of GST and opposed fuel price hikes in Malaysia.

Najib said he was told by Saudi ministers, who are part of a delegation of Saudi Arabian Ruler King Salman Abdulaziz Al-Saud, that the country also provides financial assistance to its people via money that is banked into their accounts.

“They are assisting needy people and it is not bribery.

“But when we give BR1M (1Malaysia People’s Aid), we are criticised as giving rasuah (bribes).

“BR1M is meant to help the people. We didn’t say you must support Barisan Nasional after you receive BR1M,” he said at the launching of Kerinchi Residency, where 408 former Kerinchi flats dwellers were compensated with new three-bedroom apartment units.-thestar

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