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No more ‘sad desk lunch’: Woman shows how to fry food on CPU, grill beef with an iron and more

BEIJING: A Chinese office lady has risen to internet stardom in China for making viral videos documenting her novel yet bizarre ways of preparing meals at her workplace.

The woman, who goes by “Little Ye in the office” on Chinese microblogging platform Sina Weibo, has been producing videos of her do-it-yourself lunches in the office since January.

In each video, Little Ye improvises her meal preparation equipment using things commonly found around the office.

In one video, she fries a pancake on a computer casing after painstakingly disassembling a CPU and starting her own fire in a basin using scrap wood and a candle.

In another, she prepares hotpot from a water dispensing machine. And in yet another, she makes her own popcorn using a soft drink can and a bunsen burner. She also uses a clothes iron to grill strips of beef on her office desk in another video.

In the meantime, her colleagues seated around the office near her, appear totally oblivious or nonchalant towards her antics.

Little Ye’s videos have propelled her to online celebrity status, winning her more than 450,000 fans in less than two months.

Each of the eight videos she has posted online so far has been watched millions of times – some even tens of millions.

One Weibo user wrote in response to the videos: “In order to cook an enjoyable meal at work, this woman goes the distance in disassembling a desktop and putting it back together. You have my utmost respect.”

Other internet users uploaded photos and videos of them preparing their own food in similar ways.

Many said they found it extremely difficult to cook food using such makeshift devices and expressed admiration that Little Ye seemed to pull it off with such ease.

One college student wrote on Weibo: “As a hermit in my college dorm, I think I have just found salvation.”

Other social media users expressed puzzlement over how her colleagues appeared to completely ignore her as she went about preparing her food. Some speculated that she might be the boss of the company. – South China Morning Post/thestar

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