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Myanmar Man Stabs Estranged Wife To Death In Front Of Shocked Shoppers

BANGKOK: A Myanmar man stabbed his estranged wife to death in front of shoppers and police at a community market in Phetchaburi’s Khao Yoi district on Monday night.

Aung Thu was arrested at about 8pm after he stabbed Zin War Year, 35, six times in the abdomen, throat and head.

The scene of the attack was near a police booth.

Shoppers alerted police at the booth.

When police arrived at the scene of the attack, Aung Thu stabbed his estranged wife a final time and was arrested.

Police said the victim was a worker at Cal-Comp Electronics.

She separated from Aung Thu two months ago because he allegedly beat her out of jealousy, police said.

On Monday night, police said Aung Thu confronted his estranged wife in front of a mobile phone shop after she had bought a phone.

He carried a knife he had just bought.

Witnesses told police that Aung Thu quarrelled with the woman and knocked her to the ground, stomped on her chest and stabbed her reported by The Nation/Asia News Network.

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