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Mouse Hitches Ride On Cop’s Windshield In Viral Photo

This was an unusual police ride-along.

A California sheriff’s deputy driving to his assignment at the Golden State Warriors game had an unexpected passenger — a mouse.

The mouse was found on the windshield of a K9 vehicle belonging to Alameda County Sheriff’s Deputy Brandon Dennington. The sheriff’s office said in a Facebook post Sunday that Dennington discovered the rodent while heading to a work assignment at the Golden State Warriors game

“Further investigation revealed the suspect was likely a San Antonio Spurs fan trying to intimidate us,” the sheriff’s office said, seemingly poking fun at the basketball rivalry. “Deputy Dennington was able to use de-escalation techniques and get the rabid fan off his car. Luckily, he was able to snap this photo of the elusive bandit.”

The police officer said the rodent “suspect” was last seen scurrying away to a “hiding spot.” The mouse was described as being 4 inches tall with gray and white fur. It’s still unclear how it ended up on the windshield.

“Thankfully, the Warriors won and Deputy Dennington got to the game on time,” the sheriff said.

The sheriff department shared the photo of the rodent on its Facebook page, which has garnered nearly 2,800 reactions and was shared 1,800 times as of Monday afternoon.

Many Facebook users commented on the photo, thanking the department for giving them a good laugh.

“Glad you said that. It’s nice to tell a story like this and have a laugh,” the department replied.

— Fox News

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