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Surabaya to ban alcohol beverages

JAKARTA: Surabaya will be the second territory after Papua in Republic of Indonesia to ban the production, distribution and consumption of alcoholic beverages.

According to Jakarta Post, that second-largest city in Indonesia had approved a by-law banning alcohol beverages and that it would be enacted upon endorsement by the governor of Surabaya.

The newspaper quoted Speaker of the Surabaya Legislative Council, Armuji, as saying that under the by-law, punishments to offenders would include warning letters, administration fines, temporary closure of businesses, revocation of business licenses and shutting down of businesses.

“Offenders would also face three months’ imprisonment or fine of Rp50 million (approximately RM15,000).

“The by-law covers any kind of alcoholic beverages with more than 10 percent alcohol, including traditional beverages and mixed alcoholic beverages,” he said.

Indonesia had recently faced several cases of alcohol-elated sexual assault especially among teenagers.

The Papuan local government has banned the alcohol beverages in the region effective last March.

According to Papua Police data, 86 people have died, 264 have been heavily injured and 839 suffered light injuries since 2013 in alcohol-related cases.-nst

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