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Rahman saddened by Sabah corruption scandal, mulling dep’t revamp

TAWAU: The corruption scandal involving two top state government officials will not affect the allocation for water projects in Sabah, said Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan.

While expressing regret over the case, Rahman, who is Minister in charge of the Economic Planning Unit (EPU), gave his assurance that there will be no changes in long and short term programmes planned for the state.

“We are saddened that our system is manipulated by the irresponsible; this involved a huge figure and misappropriation of financing that was meant for the people is very sad. We in Sabah still need assistance.

“Let the court process take place. We want to know where the weakness in the system is, and we want to fix the loopholes,” he told reporters after officiating the Teraju outreach and facilitation fund engagement programme at Sipadan Mangrove Resort here.

On the question of whether there is a need to fully revamp the state Water Department following the incident, Rahman said it is something the state government needs to look into, adding that “a total revamp is not necessary, as not all government staff in the department were involved.”-nst

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